Child Nutrition Program

All Barbour County Schools serve breakfast and lunch each school day.

Barbour County Schools will operate as Community Eligible Provision schools for school year 2016-2017. Community Eligibility allows each student to receive one breakfast and one lunch each school day at no charge. We strongly encourage that all students eat both breakfast and lunch every day.
Child Nutrition fruits and veggies
No App Necessary

The Community Eligibility Program (CEP) allows all students in Barbour County Schools to receive breakfast and lunch at NO COST. No further actions is needed by parents to ensure students receive meals at no cost.  Public Release.

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New federal guidelines for lunch require schools to offer five food components – 1 serving of each – milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, meat/meat alternate. Students may decline 2 of the 5 food components, but must select at least 3 meal components.  One of the meal selections must be at least ½ cup of fruits or vegetables.

Federal guidelines for breakfast require schools to offer three food components - 1 serving of each - milk, fruits, and grains.  Schools using "Offer Versus Serve" will offer at least four food components.  Students must continue to select at least 3 food items and may decline a food item from any component at breakfast.

All students will be assigned a three or four digit identification number to be used in the cafeteria. Students need to learn this number as soon as possible. Students must go by the computer operator with their meal, tell the cashier their meal number or use the pin pad to enter the number and then be seated. Students at Barbour County Primary Schools will be allowed to use a finger scan to enter their cafeteria identification number.  Students should not go back to the serving line after giving the cashier their number unless the cashier sends the student.